The Killing 3: Lund is back…one last time

Watching the opening of The Killing 3 tonight was a bitter-sweet experience. On the one hand, there was the delight of seeing ‘our Sarah’ again and hearing that oh-so-evocative theme tune, and on the other, a sense of melancholy, because this is really it – the final series – as director Søren Sveistrup has repeatedly stressed in interview.

Cover of the Series 3 DVD, due out mid-December

Warning: slight spoilers below

In the previous two series of The Killing, Sarah Lund has faced a stark choice between the conventional happiness provided by a strong family life and her commitment to the role of police detective, one that ultimately alienated everyone around her, leaving her painfully isolated. Viewer reactions to Lund’s professional tenacity have sometimes been divided between admiration (without her, cases wouldn’t have been solved), and criticism for neglecting her family (in particular her son). These reactions have in turn generated some interesting discussion about gender stereotypes, especially as Sofie Gråbøl, the actress playing Lund, has said that the key to her characterisation was ‘acting like a man’.

When we meet Lund at the beginning of Series 3, it looks like she’s opting for happiness: after 25 years on the force she’s completed her fair share of murder investigations, and is moving sideways into a comfortable desk-job at the OPA (Operational Planning and Analysis unit). She’s trying to make time for herself (gardening! cooking! a funky new jumper!) and to repair her relationship with her son Mark. Of course, we know it can’t last – seeing Sarah cook a tasty Stuvet Oksekød doth not a riveting crime series make. And so, when a man’s dismembered body is found by the Copenhagen docks ahead of a visit by the Danish prime minister, it’s clear that she’ll soon be back to her old investigative ways. And when she is, we’re treated to a heady (and topical) brew of big business, politics, kid-napping and murder that’s gripping to watch. I already have a bit of a theory, which I’m writing on a bit of paper to be unfolded only after episode 10…

To be honest, though, I’m a little fearful for Lund. After the traumas sustained in the last two investigations, I’m not sure she can survive a third intact, either physically or mentally. I’m also a bit worried that director Søren Sveistrup will send her off with a bang that’s way too literal for my liking at the close of the series. Lund’s death in service would in many ways be a fitting and logical end to her unswerving dedication to the job, which takes her into dangerous situations and annoys some exceedingly nasty people. But I would really rather that didn’t happen to our girl.

On a lighter note, I settled down on the sofa this evening for a highly enjoyable game of  ‘Forbrydelsen Bingo’. I can report that I put a cross in a grand total of 7 of my boxes. I’ll hang on to my sheet to see if I can cross off the other 5 next week.

Finally … here’s a whole heap of marvellous links for your delectation

Episodes 1 will be repeated on Monday 19. November at 11.25pm, with episode 2 following on Tuesday 20. at 11.25pm. Both are also available on BBC iPlayer.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the beginning of the series, but please try to avoid big spoilers so that we protect the enjoyment of those still to watch 🙂

Update: there are a few spoilers in the comments below, so please look away if you haven’t yet watched!

It’s time for ‘The Killing 3’ Bingo!

So it’s T-minus two hours. Tonight sees the start of Forbrydelsen / The Killing 3 at 9pm on BBC4 – the long, long wait of dedicated British fans is nearly over.

If you have loyally accompanied Sarah Lund from the start of her journey in the amazing opening episodes of series one, then you might like to join me this evening in a game of ‘The Killing 3’ Bingo, which pays affectionate tribute to some of the hallmarks of this exceptional crime drama. Enjoy!

(I might add that I’ve had to employ some Lund-like doggedness to import this table into WordPress via Word, Paint and Flickr. My reward is an *extra-large* glass of wine with tonight’s episodes.)

Update: By the end of episode 2, I had 7 boxes crossed and by the end of episode 4, 11 boxes 🙂 Just one to go…

The Killing 3 is on its way!

Here in the UK there’s been a notable surge in media activity on Forbrydelsen / The Killing 3 over the last couple of weeks.

The series has just started broadcasting in Denmark, where 1.6 million viewers tuned in for the first episode – pretty impressive given the country’s modest 5.5 million population. While there’s been no formal confirmation from BBC4, several sources have given Saturday 17 November as the start date here, with 10 episodes airing in pairs over five weeks.

The makers have stated that this series, in which Lund and the team investigate the murder of a sailor and dodgy dealings in the financial world, will be the final one (sob).

New jumper for The Killing 3! Courtesty of DR TV

Recent links and news

A general, spoiler-free review of the first two episodes of series 3 by Vicky Frost of The Guardian.

A Guardian fashion review of Sarah Lund’s new jumper.

DR TV 35-second trailer for Forbrydelsen III on YouTube.

5 November sees the release of The Killing Original Soundtrack by Frans Bak, featuring music from all three series. There’s a nice piece about the album here. You can sample some of the music via Bak’s SoundCloud page.

15 November sees the publication of The Killing Handbook (‘if you’ve ever wondered who cut the CCTV wire outside Lund’s flat in series 1, why Morten went so far to protect Troels, where you can start your walking tour of Copenhagen from woods to warehouses and the County Hall, or even how you can knit your own Lund jumper – this is the book for you’).

17 November: The Killing 3 begins. Sofa booked. Can’t wait.