The Killing 3 is on its way!

Here in the UK there’s been a notable surge in media activity on Forbrydelsen / The Killing 3 over the last couple of weeks.

The series has just started broadcasting in Denmark, where 1.6 million viewers tuned in for the first episode – pretty impressive given the country’s modest 5.5 million population. While there’s been no formal confirmation from BBC4, several sources have given Saturday 17 November as the start date here, with 10 episodes airing in pairs over five weeks.

The makers have stated that this series, in which Lund and the team investigate the murder of a sailor and dodgy dealings in the financial world, will be the final one (sob).

New jumper for The Killing 3! Courtesty of DR TV

Recent links and news

A general, spoiler-free review of the first two episodes of series 3 by Vicky Frost of The Guardian.

A Guardian fashion review of Sarah Lund’s new jumper.

DR TV 35-second trailer for Forbrydelsen III on YouTube.

5 November sees the release of The Killing Original Soundtrack by Frans Bak, featuring music from all three series. There’s a nice piece about the album here. You can sample some of the music via Bak’s SoundCloud page.

15 November sees the publication of The Killing Handbook (‘if you’ve ever wondered who cut the CCTV wire outside Lund’s flat in series 1, why Morten went so far to protect Troels, where you can start your walking tour of Copenhagen from woods to warehouses and the County Hall, or even how you can knit your own Lund jumper – this is the book for you’).

17 November: The Killing 3 begins. Sofa booked. Can’t wait.

15 thoughts on “The Killing 3 is on its way!

    • I liked the second, though the first remains my favourite. I wonder if we’ll see the trilogy phenomenon – a great opener, a middle that sags a little and then a corking finale?

      • Would be nice Mrs P – I liked KILLING 2 a lot but thought the final 2 episodes disappointing as they seemed very predictable (avoiding spoilers here) – I kind of hate it when a solution is signposted, then apparently shown to be untrue, but then turns out to have been correct all along. it’s the kind of bluff always makes me groan and seems more like padding than anything else.

      • Aha! Depends on whether viewers accepted that the suspicions were convincingly disproved or not! I didn’t ever quite feel that they were 🙂

      • Nah, why do it in the first place – surely all it does is plant the seeds of suspicion and kibosh any real surprise, you just feel fooled instead. Well, not everyone feels this way, obviously, but I’m usually disappointed when a plot folds back on itself. Also, can’t she EVER have a happy love affair? I guess I’m just such a softie …

      • I agree it would be lovely to see our Sara happy for a moment or two (though I fear any happiness would be dashed in short order by those mean series writers).

  1. Ah, Mrs P, as I said on Facebook, I can’t wear horizontal stripes or jumpers. Am trying to find out, or work out, if it will be 2 episodes a week on BBC4 and therefore finishing before the Festive Season. I couldn’t stand it if I had to wait a fortnight for the last 2 episodes.

    • Hi Lynda – various sources are saying it’ll be two episodes per week as for series one and two. We await confirmation from the BBC, but I think it’s a good bet. It also makes sense from a marketing point of view for the series to build to a climax just before Xmas and during the pressie-buying season!

  2. Morning Mrs P. Thanks for the heads up re The Killing 3, will be keeping my eyes peeled for the off. Shame it’s going to be the last one though. Love Sarah’s new jumper, beautiful shade of blue which I love, but £226 for a woolly jumper is a bit lively. Tried knitting, disaster, drop more stiches than knit them. Hooroo.

    • I’ve never been a good knitter, but then again, I always give up at the first sign of dropped stitches. The steep price may inspire me to try again with a bit more patience (although that pattern doesn’t exactly look simple). Yes, the last series…. I predict a collective depression when those precious five weeks are done 😦

  3. Oh, would that this series would come over across the pond to the States! I’d give my eye teeth, as the saying goes, or anything else within reason.
    Maybe my library will get the series. One can always hope.

  4. I got a copy of the first series on DVD for my birthday this past summer, and my son and I started watching it a week ago. We’re only about a third of the way in. Ye gods, it’s brilliant! I don’t know if we’re going to finish it before series 3 starts — may have to simply download and store the episodes for now.

    In the meantime, I am just enjoying scene after scene of Sophie Gråbøl in that gorgeous jumper, staring thoughtfully at I don’t care what! Sigh…

    • Isn’t it great?! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I think you’d be wise not to skip from the middle of series 1 to series 3 (although you could probably go from the end of 1 to the beginning of 3 without having seen series 2…). As for Sophie – you’ll have to get in line. There are a good few of us who are in love with her and that jumper!

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