It’s time for ‘The Killing 3’ Bingo!

So it’s T-minus two hours. Tonight sees the start of Forbrydelsen / The Killing 3 at 9pm on BBC4 – the long, long wait of dedicated British fans is nearly over.

If you have loyally accompanied Sarah Lund from the start of her journey in the amazing opening episodes of series one, then you might like to join me this evening in a game of ‘The Killing 3’ Bingo, which pays affectionate tribute to some of the hallmarks of this exceptional crime drama. Enjoy!

(I might add that I’ve had to employ some Lund-like doggedness to import this table into WordPress via Word, Paint and Flickr. My reward is an *extra-large* glass of wine with tonight’s episodes.)

Update: By the end of episode 2, I had 7 boxes crossed and by the end of episode 4, 11 boxes 🙂 Just one to go…

35 thoughts on “It’s time for ‘The Killing 3’ Bingo!

  1. Mrs. P – This is great! Very clever and witty. And thank you for going through the effort to put this together.

    • Thanks, Margot (boy, you were quick off the blocks!!!). It was fun to put together (the importing less so ;), though it was an interesting learning curve).

  2. I’ll be paying along with you on this one Mrs P… thanks for creating it… I can’t wait… got a rather large sherry, real fire going and a new set of pyjamas in honour… (would love it to be a jumper)….

  3. Thanks for the bingo, you have picked up on the many little quirks that make Sarah Lund so engaging and occasionally frustrating. Watching “The Killing” is a serious business but it doesn’t have to be sombre. Cheers!

  4. Just finished watching series 1 a few nights ago. Already experiencing Sofie Gråbøl withdrawal symptoms! Simply cannot wait for the next 45 minutes of my life to tick by!

      • It was brilliant. And it was interesting seeing her in uniform! But that strange jumper she’s wearing in the first episode — that’s got to go!

        I’m wondering if they can manage to make the general election more tense, corrupt, and soul-destroying than the mayoral race of the first series? Looks like they may well be on their way.

      • I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed (it’s nice watching ‘live’ as well, I find).
        I’m prepared to bet good money on that jumper making way for something more familiar shortly.
        And yes, I agree, lots of dark promise in that political set up.

  5. I am excited but a little sad as I will never have this frisson of anticipation again – well maybe I will have, but not connected to a new series of Forbrydelsen  (The Killing). My favourite moment of all time on TV was the scene when Lund realises that [XXXXXXX spoiler removed :)] is the killer in the first series. Powerful stuff and gives me such high hopes for the next few weeks. No Sat nights out for a while then!

  6. Brilliant bingo concept!! I’ve seen the first 8 episodes and I can assure you that it is terrific stuff. Like first series on speed. I’m sure you’ll love it. Enjoy it, og go’ aften!

  7. Love the bingo! Handy too – OH didn’t catch onto the genre until The Bridge, so bingo gives him all he needs to know!

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