Mrs Peabody’s suitcase of holiday crime 2011

So here’s a list of the holiday crime novels I’ve finally settled on this year. Something of an eclectic bunch, these have either been recommended by other bloggers and readers, or caught my eye while browsing in real and virtual bookshops.

Ernesto Mallo, Needle in a Haystack and Sweet Money (Bitter Lemon Press). Set in the Argentina of 1970s military rule and beyond – both come highly recommended by Petrona.

Ellis Peters omnibus of A Morbid Taste for Bones and One Corpse Too Many – the first of the Brother Cadfael mysteries (which I’ve actually never read before), waiting for me in the bargain bucket at The Works. Bones has a Welsh connection to remind me of home.

Best International Crime: 36 Stories by Boris Akunin, Jeffery Deaver, Jo Nesbo, Ian Rankin and many more, edited by Max Jakubowski. A veritable treasure trove of 40 short stories, going for a song on Amazon.

Rex Stout, Fer-de-Lance and The League of Frightened Gentlemen (classic Nero Wolfe mysteries), as recommended by Kathy from the States. To my shame, I knew nothing of Stout until a short while ago – time to make amends.

Colin Bateman, Murphy’s Law: Sex, Psychos and a Grave Situation (off-beat, darkly humorous crime, picked up in Oxfam Books).

I’m looking forward to sampling all of these very much.

Mrs. Peabody Investigates will be taking a break for August. 

Wishing you all a very happy and restful summer.

9 thoughts on “Mrs Peabody’s suitcase of holiday crime 2011

    • Thanks, Margot. Glad the agony of choosing is over at last! Just looking forward to all those wonderful hours of uninterrupted reading…

  1. Good choices. I have been trying to virtually vacation in Sicily, Venice, Stockholm, Reykavik, Paris, and other international spots. However, I have not been able to leave hot, humid New York City, my own city, as I cannot leave Nero Wolfe’s abode.
    Look forward to your reviews.

    • Thanks, Kathy, and thanks again for your recommendation of the Stout – I’ve had a peek at the first couple of pages and can tell that I’m in for a treat. Hope you have a good virtual vacation – and get to do some nice stuff in NYC as well.

  2. And then there are Donna Leon’s books featuring the Brunettis, Guido and Paola. And also Andrea Camillieri’s books featuring Salvo Montalbano, short, witty, plot-and-character driven books with an eccentric detective. He also can’t get his act together with women, especially as he ages. But this being Italy, food is also a central character. Both series are great for vacationing or weekend respites from hustle and bustle.

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