Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, 21-24 July 2011

Today marks the start of the 2011 Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, which, as ever, looks to have a rich and varied programme.

I attended the festival back in 2006, where I learned a great deal about crime fiction and even more about the (ahem) legendary sociability of crime writers, bloggers and fans. It’s probably no coincidence that the festival is sponsored by Theakstons – its official title is actually Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Festival.

I keep meaning to go back, and definitely will do so one day, but am honouring a date I’ve made with 10,000 puffins on the Welsh island of Skomer this weekend. To those of you who are lucky enough to be attending: have a wonderful time, and please report back to us on all the riches you find there.

5 thoughts on “Harrogate Crime Writing Festival, 21-24 July 2011

  1. I went once, too – I think 2008? 9? so sorry to have missed you. Maybe one year we will coincide, but in the meantime enjoy the puffins. (If you were a Yrsa Sigurdardottir character, you’d probably be eating a few while there!)

    • That would indeed be good.

      Edible puffins: poor things, they were a big part of the diet on St. Kilda for centuries… Not for me, will stick to pasta!

  2. You mean St. Kilda, Scotland? Part of the Hebrides? Since I’m in the States I’m a bit ignorant of all of Europe’s geographical wonders. (A friend moved to the Hebrides and lived in a shack many decades ago.)
    It sounds lovely, except for the poor puffins.
    That’s enough to send one to vegetarianism!

    • Yes, the very same St. Kilda. Puffins are much too cute to eat in my view, but if you’re stuck on a remote island and eating puffins is the only way to survive, I guess factors like cuteness fly out of the window pretty quickly!

  3. Yes, and I guess any vow of vegetarianism or veganism would fly out the window if one is confronted by real hunger, and nothing else is around.

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