Friday treat: Dibdin / Ratking / Zen

I wandered into a bookshop yesterday lunchtime after a tiring week at work and spotted Dibdin’s Ratking, complete with Rufus Sewell’s Zen on the front cover. Couldn’t resist treating myself, especially after all the discussion online about how closely (or not) Sewell’s Zen matches the detective of the novels.

I read the first chapter in bed last night and enjoyed it very much. Zen’s only just appeared, so it’s too early to comment on his characterisation, but I look forward to reviewing Ratking on the blog some time soon. One surprise – the novel was written in 1988, 23 years ago – good grief! – and that’s something to bear in mind when thinking about the portrayal of Italian society and Italian policing in the book.

As for a Saturday treat: I’ve booked the telly this evening from 9.00 to 11.00 to check out the new Danish crime series The Killing. Am a bit over-excited about this (not sure what this says about my life).

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