BBC4’s The Killing Series 1 – review of outstanding new crime drama from Denmark

I’ve just finished watching the first two episodes of the Danish crime drama The Killing on BBC4, and it’s so exceptional I felt I had to blog it straightaway.

Forbrydelson / The Killing is an outstanding, powerful, grown-up drama that seeks to show not just the criminal investigation of a murder, but the devastating effect that the crime has on the victim’s family and friends. Part police-procedural, part family drama, part political drama, it chronicles a 20-day police investigation in 20 episodes, allowing for events to unfold realistically from different points-of-view. It’s extremely moving, particularly in its depiction of parental grief, with outstanding acting all round: I don’t mind admitting that I shed a tear or two (and as Mr. Peabody will tell you, this is a rare event indeed – I’m usually tough as old boots).

The police investigator in charge is Sarah Lund (played by the excellent Sofie Gråbøl), who is sucked into the case on what should be her last day before taking a new job in Sweden. What an absolute joy this character is: a confident, intelligent, nicotine-gum-chewing policewoman who is *extremely* good at her job. The camera often simply lingers on her looking / seeing / thinking things through / making links / understanding (a nod to the trope often present in hard-boiled crime fiction of the ‘power of the investigative eye’). The contrasts between Lund’s methods of investigation and those of her male co-investigator are highlighted throughout (sometimes to droll comedic effect): the implication is that the different policing styles are firmly gendered, and the ‘male’ style does not come off well at all. 

A small, but lovely detail is that Lund wears the same rather tatty-looking jumper throughout the first two days of the investigation (as seen above). Fashion statements are pretty much bottom of the to-do-list, which is extremely refreshing.

I haven’t seen a crime drama this powerful since watching the TV adaptation of David Peace’s Yorkshire Noir quartet – 1974 / 1977 / 1980 / 1983. I would highly recommend The Killing – it’s a significant cut above your average crime series, and was rightly lauded in Denmark where it first appeared in 2007. Fantastic Danish crime drama: who knew?

Well done (again) BBC4 – going great guns on international crime. Both episodes are available on iplayer: catch up while you have the chance and tune in next week for episode 3. I’ll definitely be there.

11 Feb: Rog has posted an audioclip of The Killing‘s theme tune (by Neptun) in the comments section below.

12 Feb: Tweet reviews

punkcinema1 – The Killing is brilliant TV. Best thing made by Denmark since Lego.

richvoorwerp – Imagine a 20 episode, complex, tightly scripted, beautifully acted, crime drama produced by British TV. The Danes can do it.

rosemarymaddy – Going to watch The Killing on BBC iplayer. If you haven’t seen it yet, and you like gritty, intelligent, crime drama, why not take a look?

If you’d like to leave a comment, please make sure there are no spoilers that might interfere with the enjoyment of others still catching up 🙂

116 thoughts on “BBC4’s The Killing Series 1 – review of outstanding new crime drama from Denmark

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with all you have said, it is really powerfull stuff with an edge that I have not seen for years, the grief scenes of the family had me in tears twice as I watched it again as my hubby had been out for the first episode and I had to make sure he saw it too, outstanding stuff.

  2. This is just superb, well done BBC4, I had no idea that I could watch a subtitled programme and ENJOY it so much. That’s the next 9 weeks sorted then.
    Just the one thing, missed it on the credits, who’s is the inspired mind that put this to paper. Thus far I have been unable to find a credit for the writer, the most important person of all to any work. Can anyone provide me with answer and background?

  3. This came as a recommendation from my Mum – shocker – as she really doesn’t like subtitles and falls aslepp usually. However she was v enthusiastic about this. I love a Scandavian subtitle me and have just been on the iplayer to catch up. Really good stuff. Am gripped and can’t wait for the next one. Agree with comments about the portrayal of parental grief and the acting. Well done BB4 it makes me pine less for Wallander (Krister Henriksson version).

    • I am totally gripped by this series, it is fantastic. And good to see that episodes are not dropping off the iPlayer after a week — right now the first 4 episodes are still available.

      • Yes – I’ve just checked up on this, and it looks like the episodes will be available on iplayer right the way through the series (so for 10 weeks). Good move, as I suspect that word of mouth will be bringing in more viewers around now.

  4. Peter Kline: lead script writer is Søren Sveistrup. Forbrydelsen is made for TV by Danish TV station DR. For those who get addicted, the good news is they made a second series (shown on DR in 2010) and have started producing a third series (for show in DR in Autumn 2012) on the same format of one crime investigated over 20 episodes. But will BBC4 buy the sequels?

    • Wonderful series. Wonderful review. Looking forward to the Final Episode. Then I can get some slee.p


  5. i’m loving it. Scandinavia seems to have something good in terms of
    detective noir. i also like the soundtrack / title music. any suggestions about buying/locating it ?

      • Hi Rog, thanks very much for finding this and putting it up. Listening to it as I type…so very atmospheric. And is making me extremely impatient to see tomorrow evening’s episodes.

      • Could anyone please let me know the name of the song (sounds like an indian song by a female singer) played sometimes at background?…

  6. Thank you Jakob for the writers name, a species that so often gets ignored. I don’t suppose that you happen to know if he/she has written any published novels. I can see a Stieg Larsson at work here – or is that wishfull thinking?

  7. Brilliant captivating drama – the storyline juxtaposing the investigation, the impact on the victime’s family and their grief, and various political shennanigans. Dark, menacing and rivetting stuff. A welcome respite from naff telly on majority of other channels. thank God for BBC4.

  8. Superb series, so well directed & should be compulsive viewing for all those on ‘media’ courses. This is how it should be done as I totally forget I am watching a Danish film with subtitles as I am so engrossed in the acting and story.

  9. Worthy replacement for Wallander,look forward to the rest of the series. Nice to see plot driven programme rather than a vehicle for a “star actor”.

  10. A brilliant series, well acted and very atmospheric even with sub titles. I would like to know more about the music that is played over the closing titles. The credits give the following names; Lars Krarup, Jonas Krag and Josefine Cronholm, can anybody help me ?

  11. Another excellent crime drama – cf The Wire and Wallander – spending time to explore what makes people tick. The truth that people are complex and not all good or all bad is the powerful basis for these dramas and makes us better people for our participation I feel. I agree too that the grieving family dimension has been powerful and so relevant. In fact I am thinking of getting my teenagers to watch this so that they can wise up as to the possible risks involved in covert ‘activities’! Please though – folk who are prejudiced against subtitles are so annoying! A bit like today’s youngsters who won’t watch anything in black and white. Still their loss really.

  12. Excellent series. Don’t agree with your comment about the jumper though. It’s not tatty, it’s gorgeous! I’ve been looking for a similar pattern to knit it ever since. Incidentally, her Mum has obviously washed and mended it after it got ripped and bloodied last week.

    I think it’s really refreshing that Lund is not all tarted up and glamorised as in so many UK and US tv series.

    • Ah, that jumper! I think it’s well on the way to becoming an icon. Hope you find your pattern (and will make you jealous by saying that I had jumpers like Lund’s knitted for me on a regular basis by Norwegian aunties when I was little!)

  13. It’s fantastic in every way. I’ve watched the first six episodes now and am completely hooked. Cannot wait for each new instalment, yet I don’t want it to end.

  14. Agree with all the positive comments about the Killing. I loved both the Swedish Wallenders – they make the Branagh version look very lame. BBC has done much better with Zen in my opinion. I hope this is the start of a trend for showing foreign language crime series. I just wish the BBC would promote them a bit more – I too only heard about the Killing through word of mouth. Thank goodness for iplayer!

  15. This is a tremendous series – quite the best `detective` for a long time although the previous Swedish versions of Wallander were excellent too (cannot say the same for the Branagh Wallander- too much British actorly posing).
    Please buy the next series BBC 4, you are doing a great job. Is the music available to buy or download? That too is very atmospheric and enhances the pace. All the actors are superb especially the two main women, Nanna’s mother and Sarah Lund.
    Well done BBC 4 – keep up your high standard.

  16. A brilliant series and hope BBC4 do buy the new series cant wait for the next parts, usually dont bother with subtitled but that will change from now on.

  17. Once again the Scandinavians show us how to do it. I got a couple of Jo Nesbo(I know he’s Norwegian) books at Christmas and they’re great. I prefer reading but when telly’s this good I’m quite happy to indulge. Only seen the first two but I’m hooked now. I agree that the acting’s great. I’m particularly impressed with the parents up to now but everyone’s good. more Scandinavian stuff please, bbc 4, proper Noir. Just off to watch the next one. but what do I do after episode 20?

  18. Well here we go again..another Brilliant move by BBC4..i was totally transfixed every Saturday night watching Wallander (Krister Henriksson) and have now had that void filled with this brilliant Danish Drama.

  19. I watched episode 6 by chance and was immediately hooked. Naturally I have downloaded episodes 1 to 5 and just watched 1. This is brilliant. Since the equally gripping French crime thriller Spiral third series finished which I personally thought outclassed The Wire. I have been missing something. Thanks to BBC4 for bringing this superb Danish series to us. It just annoys me that with all the hype and trails the BBC do about fairly dismal stuff this has slipped under the radar until now. I shall now tell everyone I know will love this about it. This is the kind of detailed naturalistic film that television was made for. Thanks again whoever in BBC4 is responsible and while I am at it can we get the next series of Spiral too?

    • totally agree,so glad to hear that a second series has been made,so tempted to splurge £35.00 incase they do not show it here,also series 3 is being made.

  20. Excellent stuff indeed, and I suspect that Lund will pull at least one Jack Bauer moment before the series is out.

  21. Not since ‘The Wire’ have I been gripped by such an outstanding crime drama series. I agree with stated comments – the acting is superb, especially the episodes relating to the family grief. Totally hooked!

  22. Having suffered withdrawl symptoms when The Wire finished, and then, likewise with Wallander (and yes, the Swedish version – as ‘stylish’ as the Brannagh version is – its ‘englishness’ just contaminates) I reluctantly sat down to watch a new BBC series The Outcasts, and oh boy! did I suffer, as I have to admit I thought I might.

    And then, by accident, I read something, somewhere about The Killing.

    I didn’t do any work in the office yesterday (luckily I work for myself) I instead watched the first 6 episodes back to back, completely hypnotised.

    Everyone above with their blogs cover what is good about it. What I would like to ask is why do the BBC effectively ‘bury’ such outstanding drama? Nothing I suppose to do with the fact that they might be embarrassed?

  23. I’m planning an end of season party for the evening of the last two episodes. I think this will be 27th March but with the vagaries of the BBC schedule I can’t be sure. Does anyone from BBC4 read this, can anyone confirm when the last two episodes will be broadcast?

    • They may, but I couldn’t guarentee it 😉

      It might be best to get in touch with BBC4 directly, perhaps via the official BBC4 website.

      Great idea by the way.

  24. Just watched the last one on my PVR after seeing last night’s 9..10PM. This is so good! The acting the characters and dare I say the stunning looking actors (well most but not all!).

    As people have said above why is this hidden away? I also watched the Outcasts and nothing so dire has been before my eyes…what a waste of money and talent.

    Cant’ wait for next Saturday.

  25. Excellent drama. What it shows it that a good script need not include gratuitous violence and explicit sex scenes. (Although a little bit, but mostly the viewers can use their intelligence to work out what is probably going on). Hope it continues in this way.

    I was wondering, however. Would it be possible to see Garrow’s Law again, on BBC 4? Both series. Again I liked this series for the same reason as above.

  26. The Killing is a breath of fresh air after the inane UK manufactured police programmes.
    So simple, so real. Full of slow suspense. So real
    I am totally hooked.

    • agree with you on that,luckily another series has been made which is available to buy and a third one as well.But as much as i love this programme lets not forget Spiral 2,or have BBC decided not to pay out and make us suffer as usual.

  27. Why can’t we make crime drama like this – absolutely fantastic. I have just watched the first 8 episodes all in a row; I was hooked. I cannot wait for the others. The characters are so well cast and are incredibly well acted. So far, none of the gratuitous violence and ‘americanisms’ which seem to have infiltrated British drama, just a superbly written screenplay which slowly unravels week by week. Every lead, leading down a blind alley – brilliant. Unless I’m missing something I still have no idea who might have done it. And I am thoroughly enjoying the suspenseful endings which leave you screaming at the television ‘aargh – don’t stop there!’. I am so thankful for BBC4 (please do not ever confine this channel to the bin) but why are all the best programmes hidden away on this channel rather than mainstream 1 or 2. Do the BBC think the British public are incapable of reading subtitles – you hardly notice them with such frantastic programmes. More of the European crime dramas please.

  28. I absolutely agree that the current BBC 4 Danish Police Drama, “Forbrydelsen” (The Crime) but shown in the UK under the title, The Killing” is unforgettable viewing. It is so well crafted and produced that it knocks so much of our home produced drama into the scenery. Every single thing about it seems so well thought out and I love that nobody thought they needed to resort to blood and gore or unnecessary sex scenes to make it watchable. The scenery is so well chosen, the actors are brilliant and worthy of awards, the script is perfect and the music is fantastic. Interestingly, Neptunmusic who are behind the series theme music have their own page on YouTube Worth going to.
    Even better go to DR Forside (the Danish TV Channel who are behind the series) on to download free ringtones and wallpaper from the series and to find out even more.
    For instance did you know that what we are currently viewing in the UK is actually,
    “Forbrydelsen I”? The Danes have already watched, ” Forbrydelsen II” and “Forbrydelsen III”.
    I think we need to make sure that Auntie BBC buys the next two series of this wonderful dark crime drama for us all!

    • Dear Mrs P,
      It is perfectly clear to me from all these responses and the strong feelings expressed in them that buying “The Killing” (Forbrydelsen) from Danish TV is one of the better decisions that Auntie BBC has made in recent years.
      It looks as if we are all going to suffer the most terrible withdrawal symptoms when the finishing titles of Episode 20 finally rolls on our screens. Personally, I don’t know what I will do when Sarah Lund vanishes from my life!
      As we now know that the makers DR Forside have already made two
      follow-ups (Forbrydelsen II and Forbrydelsen III) is it not possible (with your esteemed help of course!) to lobby the BBC to make sure that they purchase these two series for us all as well?
      Hope you think it a good idea and have some suggestions of how we can use your excellent website to maximise our power and influence.
      Best wishes.
      Yours sincerely,

      • Dear CoolUnc

        I think lobbying BBC4 is a splendid idea. They surely must have realised by now that they have a hit on their hands, but I don’t think underlining that fact would hurt at all. In the first instance, the simplest thing would probably be for us to write to BBC4, and to ask them what their plans are. I’m certainly happy to do this collectively for our little ‘Forbrydelsen’ community, and I’m sure they would be grateful to see the range of comments about the series (a useful market research resource for them, after all). It may turn out that they already have firm plans for buying up II and III, in which case, job done, but if not, then we could think of some more creative ways of lobbying them 🙂 I’ll hunt out the best contact at BBC4 to start us off.

        All best wishes
        Mrs P

  29. Thanks for these links, CoolUnc. I think I’m going to save the DR site for when the series is finished. (Though I’m sure there aren’t any, I don’t accidentally want to see any spoilers).

  30. Quite simply ‘The Killing’ is one of the best things since sliced bread. I have been watching TV for 60 years and particularly love murder mysteries but this one is fantastic. Not only is the acting (all of it) superb but also the settings, the music and the story, which is completely engrossing. It has so many strands to it and appears to me to be grittily realistic. Sarah Lund is one terrific character and I love her grotty clothes. She probably only has the one jumper because all her other clothes are packed and may even be in Sweden already! I was really moved when Theis broke down and sobbed his heart out in the garage toilet, once again keeping his grief from his wife. I am so happy that I decided to see what this series would be like. I am completely gripped by it, thinking about all the different facets of it all the time. I do not want it to end and am already dreading it but I am over the moon that two more series have been made. However, will they be shown here? BBC Four, please don’t let us down.

  31. I have been watching The Killing from the start. It’s exceptional, quality viewing, although I enjoyed Wallander too.

    It’s wonderful to see some intelligent programmes to compensate for the mass drivel shown so much of the time, whether it be yet another cookery, gardening, home prpgramme or another reality or talent show, where soneone or other has to be voted off.

    Sometimes, it is worth trying something new, different and out of the mainstream. We don’t all want to watch mindless rubbish. So congratulations BBC, The Killing makes me look forward to Saturday evenings and it’s fantastic that if I should miss it, I can catch up on BBC I-Player.

    By the way, can we have some of the old archived classics like The Mayer of Casterbridge etc? Today’s youngsters may not want to read much but yesterday’s fiction had plenty we can all learn from and appreciate.

  32. Fantastic series – started watching this week and haven’t slept much for the last two nights due to the addictive nature of it, and now feeling a bit bereft as i’ve run out of episodes to catch up on…at least there’s one on tomorrow night, hurrah. But then what happens…cold turkey?

    • Break out the paracetamol; I, too, have barely slept since discovering The Killing three days ago, trying to catch up on missed episodes. Am now up to date (although have missed episodes one and two, now gone from i-player), and desperate for the next two. Thoroughly agree with all the plaudits above, as well as the comments on Outcasts. What were they thinking? Appalling script, poor acting……..what a waste of money! Programme commissioning for British television seems to suggest that we are incapable of enjoying high-quality drama of this sort and only have the attention-span to cope with flashy “high-concept” ideas (e.g. Hustle). The exception to this, for me, is the all-too-short series of Zen, which I found really good.

      For those of us who have no access to BBC4, (other than on i-player) there is little intelligent material left on the BBC. Most of the interesting programmes which would have appeared on BBC2 are now tucked away on 4; there is a limit to how often I can ask my neighbour for access to her T.V.! So grateful to have myown lap-top at last, so that I can see programmes like this, as well as the Swedish Wallander. I have to admit that I did enjoy the Branagh version, too, though!

      Inspector Montalbano as a contrast, anyone?

  33. Having just watched up to episode 10 I am still completely hooked by this series. When I switched off the TV last night I was annoyed at having to wait another 5 loooooong weeks before finally finding out who dunnit. Terrific writing and performances.

    • Brilliant to have so much time for the story to unfold and personalities to develop. Most good detective novels suffer from being squeezed down to feature film length, losing plot and character on the way and lacking the subtlety of The Killing. We are intelligent enough to be able to watch and wait as the plot develops; for me, the slower the better as, in common with others, I’m really going to miss my weekly fix. Even finding out if I’m right about whodunnit won’t compensate for the loss.
      On a fashion note, this winter I bought a woolly made by Joule Clothing. It’s not quite a Sarah Lund but lovely to me. Happy coincidence.

      • Thanks, Jeannie – I agree with you absolutely about the time and space the story and characters are given to evolve. This makes such a difference in terms of the quality of the narrative, but also in terms of the reader’s appreciation of the sheer effort that detection takes – all misunderstandings and blind alleys can be included; there are no easy solutions.

  34. Quite simply the best Crime drama I’ve ever seen, like everyone before on here I’m completely confused at who it is – everything now points to [name deleted by Mrs P!] but with ten episodes to go it can’t be that straightforward, can it? I’m hoping that they get to the bottom of what [ditto!] is up to at some point, she is hiding something. I love the fact it’s got the politics angle and it’s very clever the way people are shifting and moving for power.

    Next 5 weekends sorted! Well done BBC, would be lost without BBC 3 & 4.

    • Thanks David. You’ll see I’ve taken out the names from your comment, as this site has a strict ‘no spoilers’ policy. There are some who are still catching up on earlier episodes, so we can’t speculate too freely 🙂

  35. Just love’ The Killing’, thank you sooooo much BBC 4. Just like Wallnder, refreshing to watch a drama that actually treats the viewer as a grown up lol.

  36. The film,lighting.direction, sound and and not to miss the outstanding acting techniques of this production leaves the childish American serial imports well in the shade. Sadly, too, our current UK productions are lacking as well. More and more please.

  37. Just another post to say even after the anticipation from all the comments it is still so good. I really do have a crush on Rie though. I hope she turns out not to be too evil by the end.

    One point though: the lady coalition partner used a walking stick in earlier scenes but now she can walk just fine! [Slight spoiler removed by Mrs. P]

    On the Guardian TV site there are over 240 comments, all praising it to high heaven.

    Thanks also for hosting the site Mrs Peabody.

    • You’re very welcome, Ian.

      You’ll see I’ve taken one small bit out of your comment in case those still catching up on recent episodes are reading 🙂

  38. Thanks BBC4 for Spiral, Wallander (both Krister Henriksson and Rolf Larrsgard). I had no idea how I would fill the void they have left and then I saw, quite by chance, that there would be a new Danish series starting called The Killing. I nearly missed it as there didnt seem to be any publicity about it which seemed slightly strange after the wonderful response the British public gave Swedish Wallander. Anyway, I love it more than I care to admit. The only thing that seems strange is that my ears had become used to the sounds of the Swedish language and Danish seems to be quite different. Mind you if thats the only thing I can think of to complain about a programme it just shows how happy I am. Unfortunately the time between now and next Saturday at 9pm seems to lay before me like a giant chasm…..

    • Danish is notoriously difficult, even for other Scandinavians, so friends tell me, My mother, who was a native Danish -speaker, told me not to bother to learn it, as no-one but other Danes could understand or speak it. I’m regretting it now, needless to say1

      • According to my mother I spoke relatively fluent Danish around the age of 5 when we lived in Denmark for a year. I picked it up from the neighbourhood kids I played with on the street (and the odd thing is that I can remember the content of some our conversations, but my memory has ‘translated’ them into English as I don’t speak any Danish now). I love the way it sounds – very unlike the sing-song cadences of Norwegian – but oddly compelling!

  39. ‘The Killing’ is the best thing on TV for ages. This is good old fashioned quality drama where the purpose is to entertain the viewer and not display the vanity of the director/camerman/actor etc. No trendy shaky camera shots with ridiculous close ups, no pandering to actor’s egos, and political correctness, just believable characters and a thrilling plot. Love the way Lund wears the same clothes and hates her partner smoking. Each episode leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat, wondering just what is going on. Brilliant suspense. If the BBC decide to produce good drama again they should take some lessons from this series.

  40. quite simply peerless in 50 years i have yet to see better,utterly compelling in every department from ecm music to quite wonderful camera work

    the real essence is a totally realistic storyline that due to a casting group made in heaven WITH NOT A STAR IN SIGHT a welcome and refreshing change simply
    has the viewer pinned to the wall. this is undoubtably THE BENCHMARK THAT ALL OTHERS WILL BE MARKED AGAINST. HATS OFF TO YOU BBC4 keep this standard and continue importing this quality cream rises to the top


  41. I think the other thing, apart from all the splendid stuff above, which is marvellous about this series is the relationship between Lund and Meyer. Somehow, despite Lund never answering Meyer’s questions and frequently putting the phone down on him, they do work as a team. They are natural antagonists and yet at the wonderful heart of this series they both want the same thing, to find out who killed Nanna. It’s subtle and just excellent acting.

    • Thanks, Lorna. Yes, I absolutely agree. The writer/director could have taken the easy way out and just kept them at loggerheads, but there’s something much more complex and interesting developing now.

  42. ……I couldn’t believe it was Lund’s [xxxxxx] that did it!!! Only joking, of course I have no idea who did it…..!! But what an absolutely amazing series The Killing is turning out to be. I stumbled across the first episode completely by chance, but what a gem it is turnign out to be. I can only agree with everything that has already been mentioned on thsi site. Full marks to the Beeb for taking this on board, not an easy decision considering the amount of pap that the Americans churn out (bar a few exceptions). I love the relationship between Lund and Meyer, brilliantly acted on both parts. But perhaps the real revelation of this drama is the inclusion of Nanna’s parents; Pennille and Theis, and the agony of their experiences and relationship, their parts are acted with the powerful sense of realism. This series is a class act.

  43. I do not know how I discovered this series “The killing”. Maybe someone told me about it, or I just happened to come across it, but I have never seen anything like it before and you have to believe me when I say I have seen some good, bad, very bad and terrible detective series on TV but somehow I have totally clicked with this one and I am utterely under its spell. Even if little green men from Mars suddenly appear in the following episodes, I would/could not find a fault with the story line or acting.
    I can only watch it on iplayer and it treat it like I’m using something illegal. I close the curtains, lights off, packet of Rich Tea Biscuits, bottle of Merlot wine, and watch 2 hours at a time..Once this series is over I can die and go to Heaven. I cannot better any of the above positive comments and feel that I belong to an exclusive club where the members know and appreciate a truly brilliant series. The Americans have made their own version also called “The Killing”, they also copied the Films “let the Right One in” with “Let me in”and in the process of remaking “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” films.
    Whoever put this on our screens thank you so very much…

  44. Sooooo disappointed that Episode 1 has gone despite the banner advertising on BBC home page saying 14 episodes available to watch!

    Love it wanted to share it on iPlayer with family and friends.

  45. Fantastic drama. Thought we’d never find anything so brilliant after “Wallander”
    Now we seem to be wishing our time away waiting for the next episode, but at the same time, never wanting it to end. “The Killing” is the reason that staying in on a
    Saturday night is preferable to anything else!!! Thank you BBC4.

  46. As a person who loves thrillers I came across ‘The Killing’ on BBC iPlayer and admittedly sniggered when I saw it was Danish but thought what the hell I’ll give it a chance, yep you guessed it I ended up watching 12 consecutive episodes in one go!

    Absolutely brilliant for all the reasons mentioned by so many here I had to post something about it somewhere because I can’t believe something as brilliant as this should go unheralded.

    The writer(s) deserve(s) a medal!

  47. So, not many weeks to go. How can I wait, what do I do when it is all over. I guess that I shall have to re-connect with the real word again and try to pick up where I left off before this came to air. Anyone now where one can buy resuscitation kits?
    Just one thing before I trot off to the sofa to have a lie down – am I the only one who heard the profiler/fiancee say some episodes back “look for a series, he has done this before”, to be followed a week later ( for us viewers) by one of the junior policemen telling Lund ” I did the the check of missing girls who match the profile for the last 10 years, the file is on your desk”. Lund sort of shrugged and o.k.’d him but was too busy to actually read the file at the time.
    Last week I yelled at the screen “read the file” Am I so far out here? none of you seems at all concerned by this?
    And so – back to the garage to-morrow – quick nurse screens, oxygen – ooHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  48. Yes, Peter, had exactly the same thoughts and have been shouting ‘read the file’ at the telly at regular intervals. Lots of others on Twitter saying the same.

    Only a day to go until our next infusion 🙂

  49. The first season of Forbrydelsen was great. I won’t give away any spoilers but the last 2 episodes are just Gripping!!

    My one criticism of the season is I believe 20 episodes were a little too ambitious. There are so many suspects throughout the series, after a while I became indifferent to who the murderer was? In fact by the end I began to not care at all, which is a shame. I think it was the political sub plot that kept me interested.

    Now for the second series, if anyone is reading this, do yourself a favour and don’t bother! In comparison to the first it is one of the most ridiculous cop dramas I have ever seen.

    Sarah’s character becomes a parody of herself; the actress plays the role to death. In the first series her intense obsessiveness is fresh and intriguing, by the second series she is frowning and pouting in every scene is quite frankly a crashing bore! Every time she gets knocked over the head when she is investigating a crime scene in a dark basement, part of me wished she didn’t wake up!

    Also gone are all the powerful scenes from the first series, like those portrayed by the poor relatives of the victim. Instead we are subjected to loads of soldiers being shirty with each other and running around in circles!

    A shame really, let’s hopes the third series is better. Maybe Sarah will find herself a nice Bloke and cheer up a bit?

    • Oh, say it ain’t so! I’m sure I’ll still want to try out the second series, but will be sure to savour our last remaining episodes from series one.

  50. Just watched episodes 17 and 18. I don’t want to spoil them for anyone else, but I advise strong drink and handkerchiefs before you start.

  51. Hi all,

    Thanks to rog for tracking down the band. I’d love to buy it, but apart from you tube, don’t seem to be able to find it. Any ideas anyone of where to purchase?

  52. I am a bringer of good news.

    Yes, there is life after death!

    For all of you that will mourn the death of an absolutely amazing series as the final credits roll at the end of Episode 20 on Saturday I have just read in the Radio Times that Forbrydelsen II is to be shown on BBC4 later this year.

    Praise the Lord!

  53. Interestingly I had guessed right from very early on. Mind you there were times when plot twists made me me wonder if I had guessed correctly and I was almost swayed on more than one occasion. On the whole though, I am quite pleased with myself! Although of course it was easy for me solving the crime from the comfort my sofa. Would I ever have had the cool determination and steely pluck of Sarah Lund who entered the derelict warehouses of the Copenhagen waterside without even a flashlight for company? I think not! Over the past 20 weeks though I think I have fallen a teeny weeny bit in love with Lund. Just don’t tell my wife!

  54. I really enjoyed this series and sad that its over. I understand that you will be showing series 2 later this year. I am a little nervous about this. I will watch two episodes, but if its no good I will leave it at that. Once again thank you BBC4.

    • Thanks for your comment, Frank. Just to let you know, this isn’t a BBC site, but glad to hear you liked series 1. I’m hoping series 2 lives up to expectations as well.

  55. I’ve been in a sorry state since last weekend. I was already a wreck after episode 18 but now I’ve seen that Forbrydelsen is finished my life has lost all meaning. I can’t bear to think of Saturday nights without Meyer and Lund.
    I may have to move to Denmark……………………………..

  56. Norma, I agree with every word you have written and have told all my friends that I shall have to move to Copenhagen!

  57. We have been watching the series in France where we live and not missed one episode since it started and found it stunningly good all through. Very well acted, fantastic music, definitely far above the classic “thriller”; we are looking forward to “The Killing II” but do not wish to move to Copenhagen, not enough sunshine there !

  58. I love the first season and found it very exciting, but must agree to that the second did not meet up at the same high level – unfortunately 😦
    But praise to BBC4 for giving us something different

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  61. it was gripping stuff at first but like a lot of long running series it uses a lot of cheap tricks to keep our attention. as the puppet strings become more and more obvious it becomes ever harder to suspend one’s disbelief or care about the outcome.

  62. I know I’m very late to this particular party, but this programme has only just reached Australia this month……

    Having not heard of it before, I almost didn’t bother….I quickly lose interest in things that don’t grip me, especially where sub-titles are involved. I am so pleased I did stick with this though…..I’m about 11 episodes in and am thoroughly enjoying the roller-coaster ride…

    Intriguing, well written, well-photographed, well-directed and superbly acted…this is a gem. So pleasing to see well-devised characters who are not over-glamorised impossibilities, as so many others are these days…….This is just superb viewing!

    ….and heartfelt thanks to Rog and CoolUnc for the musical info….

  63. This is a brill programme, British writers please note, we don’t need everything solved in an hour. Also the music is placed at the right time. No need for constantly bashing our ears. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to the subtitles, and it’s interesting seeing how our European neighbours live their lives, and how their political system works. We forget in this country we are Closer to Europe than America. Personally I get fed up with American culture shoved down my throat. All their programmes are about how people they can shoot and have constant car chases, they still behave as if they are in the wild west. More programmes please like the Killing, The Spiral & the Swedish version of Wallander.

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  65. The music is not by Neptun but by Frans Bak. Google him. I can’t find his music to buy but it’s all on a site called SoundCloud and you can’t download from it. All the Danish “The Killing” music is there. I just book marked it and play it from there. It’s brill 🙂

    • I’m afraid I’m not sure, George (this isn’t an official BBC site). It may be that the episode has timed out -sometimes programmes are only available for a specific amount of time. If anyone can help, please do!

  66. For those of you that want more, please check out the following series from Scandinavia

    Ørnen – Crime Series – Really one of the star shows in scandic tv
    Livvagterne – Thriller Series – about the secret police protecting VIP’s
    Rejseholdet – Danish crime series – about a special travelling investigating unit

    And if you are really hardcore, try “Matador” a 40 year old series that still drags most of the nation to their TV sets. Simply one of the most amazing dramas I have ever watched.

    Also check out the following movies of equal caliber:
    “Kongekabale” – Political thriller with many parallels to the ongoing show “Borgen”
    “Arn” and “Arn 2” – Historic Drama – telling the story of Arn a Knights Templar
    “Flammen & Citronen” World War 2 about the resistance i Denmark
    “Max Manus” World War 2 about the resistance i Norway

    A happy Dane

    • Many thanks, Sebastian, for taking the time to list these very interesting series and films. There are a number here that I’ll be checking out straight away! Tak 🙂

  67. Had me hooked from the first episode. Why did the BBC air it so late? Most of the BBC shows send me to sleep but the international ones I love. Why don’t the Brits do such exciting shows?

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