Rucksacks at the ready! Time for a Eurotour of criminal goodness

It’s September and there’s European adventure in the air…


Mr. P and I will shortly be donning our ancient rucksacks and heading over the Channel.

  • Destination: northern and eastern Europe.
  • Duration: one month.
  • Transport: train, ferry, bus, car, llama (well you never know).

Our Eurotour – aka the ‘Bollux to Brexit’ tour – will take us to a number of wonderful European cities (see image caption above).

When we reach certain cities, I’ll be posting a short extract from a crime novel or thriller focused on the place in question, giving an insight into the city’s geography, architecture, history, politics, food…

The featured cities are as follows:

  1. Hamburg, Germany
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Stockholm, Sweden
  4. Helsinki, Finland
  5. Tallinn, Estonia
  6. Riga, Latvia
  7. Olsztyn, Poland
  8. Berlin, Germany

Each extract will be accompanied by a few photos I’ve taken while out and about (I suspect there will be a bit of an emphasis on food…and beer…).

I won’t give away which crime novels I’ve picked out, but here’s a little teaser for you…

Our first extract, for the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, contains the following sentence: 

The time in Hamburg was a few moments after eleven in the morning, and the footpath leading to the jetty was speckled with sunlight and dead leaves. 

Just for fun: Who is the author? And in which novel does this elegant sentence appear?

And if you’d like some reading ideas for European crime fiction, then head here:

35 European crime novels

48 thoughts on “Rucksacks at the ready! Time for a Eurotour of criminal goodness

      • I had a ride on a camel called Ahmed (as was his owner’s name) on the road running along the top of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Now I know why they’re called ‘ ships of the desert’. I did feel slightly bilious afterwards. I look at the photo every so often and think ah bless him. As camels go, he was quite friendly…..

  1. Oh, this sounds like such fun, Mrs. P.! And I love the name you’ve given to your tour! I hope you’ll have a lovely time and let us all know how it’s going.

    • It’s a frustrating time, and I think it’s going to feel rather bitter-sweet to be in Europe at certain points. But I fully plan to absorb as much European goodness as possible during the month. Food, drink, culture, landscapes…bring it on!

    • Thanks, Christine! I suspect we’re going to find it quite *cough* expensive, but I’m looking forward to visiting for the first time. The ABBA museum is top of my list.

      If you have any favourite cafes you can recommend, do let me know!

    • Sadly it is a while since I was there, so can’t reliably recommend anywhere to eat. I set part of my novel, Invisible, there a few years ago, because I love Sweden and Stockholm in particular so much. Writing this makes me long to go back.
      Do see the Vasa Museum – it’s stunning.

  2. Have a super fabulous time Mrs P. It sounds like a wonderful adventure. Scandinavia is a place I’ve always wanted to visit especially Stockholm. The ABBA museum was featured on a cruise docco recently, and there’s a chance for a sing-a-long. I remember all the words to their songs 😊.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  3. What a comprehensive map! Delightful. This all sounds fantastic. I will check my schedule. I’m a bit tied down this month with Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, but I do feel a summoning elsewhere…
    I love your posts–what I love about them is that they are so upbeat! We need that these days.
    Your devoted reader,

    • Hello, Judith. Thanks for your *lovely* comment. I should probably confess that I’m not always upbeat, lest you think I have an unflaggingly sunny disposition! 🙂

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  5. So glad to read about your trip and look forward to your updates, photos and book news.
    Am green with envy since the furthest east I’ve ever gone is Maine, swam in the Atlantic Ocean, but never crossed it.
    Have a great time, and do tell us about the food, too.

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  7. Thanks, but I’m very limited these days about traveling. Getting to the Upper East Side of my city is my goal or walking through the West Village or Lower East Side. But I love to virtually travel via books, Internet sites and maps and people’s travelogues and photos.

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