French thriller Point Blank on BBC4 – Saturday 31 August

French crime thriller Point Blank airs tomorrow, Saturday 31 August, in the 9.00pm international crime slot on BBC4. This one has had a number of favourable reviews (Empire gave it 4 stars), and looks to be 80 minutes packed full of heart-stopping action and suspense.

You can see a trailer for the film on the Radio Times website (although I’m not usually a fan of hostage/countdown scenarios, I have to admit it does look very good).

The Radio Times synopsis reads as follows: ‘Violent strangers threaten to kill the pregnant wife of Paris hospital employee Samuel Pierret unless he smuggles out an injured patient in this blisteringly exciting crime thriller from director Fred Cavayé (Anything For Her). Rugged Gilles Lellouche is perfect as the Hitchcockian “Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Man” whose life spirals out of control as he is drawn into a web of police corruption and murder in high places.’

And … here’s a lovely bit of news: Sergio over at the fabulous Tipping My Fedora blog has nominated Mrs. Peabody Investigates for a WordPress Family Award.

I’m touched and honoured – thank you, Sergio! – as the award celebrates what I most value about blogging: the global ‘family networks’ that our interactions in the virtual world create. I have to say, in spite of our rather bloody-thirsty interests as crime fans, that the crime blogging community is a particularly warm, welcoming and friendly one!

The idea with this award is that recipients nominate another 10 other WordPress blogs. But given that I’d nominate lots of the same blogs as Sergio and my fellow nominees (could get very confusing), I’ll just point you to the blogroll on the right of this page, which will lead you to all kinds of criminal delights. Enjoy!

24 thoughts on “French thriller Point Blank on BBC4 – Saturday 31 August

  1. It’s an impressive, intense piece of work,.Two caveats: it’s too relentless, with nary a pause for breath – accelerando throughout. And why give it the same title as John Boorman’s film, one of the most celebrated of American thrillers?

    • I did wonder about the pace, Barry. At only 80 minutes it feels like there’s a lot to pack in. Will fasten my seatbelt and line up a soothing peppermint tea for afters.

      I think the French title’s more literal translation is ‘At Close Range’ – and I reckon Close Range would have worked just as well. Perhaps the translator didn’t know their film history. Or, it was a sneaky strategy to profit from the association…?

  2. Mrs. P – Congratulations on your well-deserved award. I know I’m the better for having you as a member of this online community. 🙂

    • Thank you, Margot – and congratulations right back to you for your own equally well-deserved award. Looking forward to lots more blogging and enlightening discussion with you in future x

  3. Dear Mrs P, thanks for the news on Point Blank, would have missed it otherwise, will instruct hubs to set the recorder! Right now am mainlining Spiral – 2 episodes a night, series 1 – 3, am loving it sick! Already saw series 4. Did you see it?

    Congratulations on your award, I have always enjoyed your blog since discovering it and find your book recommendations to be spot on.

    • Hello, Blighty – have a great Spiral-a-thon! That really is the only way to do it sometimes.

      I unfortunately had a hiccup with this one: I started with series 3, and gave up after a couple of episodes (combination of eye-watering autopsy scene and the realisation that I had missed out on everyone’s backstories). So really I should do what you’ve done and start at the beginning…

      Thanks very much for your kind words about the blog xxx

  4. I caught this on TV a couple of weeks ago (not in the UK) and enjoyed it, although I also think it could have done with another 10 minutes. If you’ll forgive the poor pun, I enjoy Breathless as a classic example of French noir, but not as a state of existence when watching a film!

    (PS: Based on your old review, I just finished Kein Kaddisch fur Sylberstein – my comments are on that post.)

    • We have been warned. Will try to remember to draw deep breaths now and then!

      Thanks for your comment on Kein Kaddish – I’ve left a response for you 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the blog award. It’s certainly deserved with the excellent book reviews, movie and TV episode commentary and discussion. Certainly something to look forward to reading, even if the TBR lists get out of hand!

    • Thanks so much, Kathy – that’s really kind. Thank you for being such a loyal reader of the blog and for engaging so frequently with my posts. I really value your comments and views 🙂

  6. My husband and I bought the DVD and have watched this a couple of times and really enjoyed it. We are suckers for French thrillers, apparently, because we like Tell No One (from the Harlen Coben book) also.

    You definitely do deserve the award. I have learned a lot here in the short time I have been reading your blog. And the blog is right down my alley with its focus on international crime fiction.

    • Yes, it’s a very enjoyable film, and kept within the limits of plausibility…just about!

      Many thanks for your kind comment about the blog – I’m really glad you enjoy it and find it useful – look forward to lots more discussion about all things crime in the future 🙂

  7. I found it at the library but wonder if it’s the right one. It’s French, a man has to save his pregnant wife within a short time. No time to relax, just high tension. I’ll see it and report back.

  8. By the way, the French movie version of Tell No One is terrific, far better than the book, which had no impression on me. The film is full of clever twists and turns, quite well-done.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Kathy. Interesting that the adaptation was better for you than the book. There’s often an assumption that the adaptation will be inferior to the original, but of course that doesn’t have to be the case.

  9. Not in this case. The movie is definitely better than the book, which is a page-turner thriller, with not much substance. But the movie is French; isn’t that enough of a recommendation?

  10. No one with a heart condition, seizure or anxiety disorder should see this one! It should come with a warning. Nor should one see it late at night. Point Blank that is. Tell No One isn’t quite as fast paced, it’s more of an investigation.

  11. Mrs. P, I saw your reco for Point Blank earlier today and am dying to watch it. Just checked Netflix — voilà! it is available. Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow night. Thank you.

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