Tantalising glimpse of The Killing 3

The Danish broadcaster DR has released a mini-trailer for the third and apparently final series of Forbrydelsen, in which Sarah and the team investigate the death of a young sailor and dodgy dealings in the financial world.

Click here to view. No Danish required! [Update Sept 2012: link now leads through to DK Forbrydelsen website but the trailer is no longer available.]

There’s no word as yet about when the series will make it to BBC4. Still a little while, I would guess … Can’t wait!

25 thoughts on “Tantalising glimpse of The Killing 3

      • Well, I lean more toward Sarah and her jumpers, but handsome men are fine, too. I can’t wait for this! (I just got Series 1 on DVD for my birthday, and need to watch it soon!)

    • If the handsome man you refer to is the brown haired guy on the phone towards the end, I think there must be some relation with the name Nikolaj and being Danish, because I can never remember his full name, just Nikolaj Not-Coster-Waldau 😛
      Can’t wait for some more Lund & co.! I loved The Bridge but I didn’t find it as gripping as The Killing.

      • One to keep an eye on 🙂 The Bridge vs The Killing: big differences in tone and style, but would agree, especially in relation to TK1. Nothing has yet bettered that series in terms of gripping viewing experiences for me.

      • Exactly. I enjoyed The Bridge also because of the language/culture contrast, then I guess the approach in that series was different. But it feels to me as if The Killing is “the series that started them all”. I know that chronologically, it is not always true. Other Scandinavian series were filmed before The Killing, but at least in the UK, it seems as if, aside from Wallander, the Scandi-obsession started with The Killing 😉 Long live Sarah Lund (who, by the way, is one of the very few fictional characters named Sarah/Sara who do not die or are the villain).

      • Yes, that’s my feeling too, Sara – The Killing 1 was the start of something considerably larger for Scandi-crime in the UK, and the response from viewers was phenomenal (a number of of whom had never watched subtitled foreign drama before). BBC4’s decision to show two episodes back to back each Saturday night also made for a very intense viewing experience – I still remember very well the impact that the first two episodes had on me as a viewer; the writing and the level of the acting were quite extraordinary. And then there was the amazing Sarah…

      • I know my kids — well, young men, really — were never keen on subtitles, though they tolerated them when I would rent some foreign film. But they have completely gotten used to them what with all the brilliant shows coming out of Sweden and Denmark: The Bridge, The Killing, Borgen — captivating and excellent.

        So, long live Sarah Lund, and long live the BBC!

      • I think you make a really important point there, NomadUK. By designating that one slot on a Saturday night ‘international crime time’, BBC4 has done us Brits an enormous service, in terms of normalising the programming of foreign series with subtitles, and in terms of opening our viewing up beyond monolingual UK and US TV. It’s taken us beyond our normal rather constrained points of cultural reference and showcased Europe for us in particular (Montalbano, Spiral, Braquo, Forbrydelsen, Bron/Broen…). Obviously some of us were already convinced of the value and charm of foreign film, but the stroke of genius was to select high quality *crime drama* – that most popular of TV genres, with which pretty much all viewers are familiar – thereby providing a ‘bridge’ (pardon the pun) for viewers who might otherwise not have considered watching a subtitled programme. As a programming strategy it’s been a spectacular success.

        I’m with you: long may BBC4’s international run continue!

  1. From seeing the very quick trailer, if series 3 of The Killing is as gripping as the first two, then I think everyone is in for a treat. I agree with Sara about The Bridge, but still a very good series all the same. It seems Scandi crime can do no wrong at the moment…..

    • Seconded, Kathy! And half of the actors in the three Danish series that have aired recently (Killing/Bridge/Borgen – the latter non-crime) keep on turning up in the others :). It’s an amazing achievement for a country that’s relatively tiny to keep producing such high-calibre programmes.

  2. haven’t viewed the trailer, but glad to see from the still she is wearing that lovely sweater again, great — and not the red one she wore in #2, which I did not like as much.

    Oh yes, very much looking forward to seeing the show! (Don’t care about the handsome men very much, just Sarah). Also I think Borgen #2 will be shown at some point, looking forward to that, too.

    • Thanks, Maxine. I have to confess that the image is a generic one (not necessarily from series 3), but I think I saw a flash of white in the trailer rather than red. Very much looking forward to Borgen 2 as well – the common factor being those wonderfully strong leading women. I saw yesterday that it was Sofie Gråbøl’s birthday: she’s 44, and at the top of her game as an actor. Not something that would be readily permitted within that youth-obsessed Hollywood circus. Happy birthday, Sofie!

    • Not something that would be readily permitted within that youth-obsessed Hollywood circus.

      Do you ever have that right. One thing I enjoy about European film and television (and that includes the UK, as we’re European, even if the Daily Heil doesn’t like it) is the number of older women who are given significant roles (Britain’s Judy Dench and Helen Mirren are just two of the best). They are so much more interesting and attractive than so many of the young women — girls, practically — whom Hollywood keeps foisting upon us. Of course, one has to start somewhere, but I wish they would take as much advantage of the older female talent as they do of the older male talent.

      Anyway — Sofie Gråbøl … just … sigh … and happy birthday!

    • Ooooh! Thanks for letting me know, rorylion. I’ll check it out. I’m a little wary of dates announced a long way before airing, as in my experience they often change. But I have noticed a flurry of little features (Sara will have a blue patterned jumper according to The Guardian), so they are certainly stoking interest up.

  3. A blue patterned jumper? I see from the clip above the white and black one has a hole in… maybe its the replacement… I am very excited.
    Can’t wait for some Scandinavian drama to be back on, loved the Bridge, and Borgen.

    • It’s like the ‘original’ black on white one, but white on blue. And yes, likewise. I’ve really missed that regular dose of quality Scandi drama. Gripping and stylish – what more could we want?

  4. Where can I watch this? Killing ended with only two seasons…. I would like to see this other one they say I can see in english?

    • Hello, Raquel. Was it the American version of The Killing that you saw? The one I’m referring to is series 3 of the Danish original, which is on TV here in the UK at the moment with subtitles, and will be released as a DVD in mid-December. If you’re in the States, I’m not quite sure what the situation is: hopefully the DVD will make it over the pond to you.

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