BBC4 buys second series of The Killing / Forbrydelsen

Excellent news for fans of The Killing: it’s been confirmed today that BBC4 has bought the rights to the second series (10 episodes) and that it will air later this year.

‘The Killing is the most intensely thrilling televison drama experience in British broadcasting of the moment and I’m delighted that series two will be on BBC Four. It is a diamond of a series – complex, dramatic, thoroughly gripping. It never loses sight of its truly brilliant insight: the humanity and the emotion that goes on behind a police investigation into a brutal and sordid murder. At its heart, this is The Killing‘s genius – to truly portray the human cost of tragedy. And it is to the BBC’s acquisition department that real credit lies for the clever discretionary spot-and-pick-up of a gem of a series’ – Richard Klein, controller of BBC4.

For full details, see Neil Midgley’s article in The Telegraph

4 thoughts on “BBC4 buys second series of The Killing / Forbrydelsen

  1. Just wanted to say what a enthralling,classy,gripping,top acting thriller THE KILLING was.I think its brillant that the BBC bringing us top quality shows from other countries that we would never get to see.Also to blow how own trumpets us europeans sure know how to make top notch drama,ok it might not be flash and fast paced like the american dramas but we sure know how to top it. Thanks BBC i might even forgive u for canceling LARK RISE TO CANDLEFORD,cannot wait for THE KILLING II

  2. The Killing has got to be one of the best crime dramas l have watched in a while and cant wait for the next series.

  3. I am a lifelong fan of crime dramas, but besides ‘Life on Mars’/’Ashes to Ashes’ I have never been so completely enthralled by a series nor anticipated each week’s episode(s) so much. The acting was superb, the characters completely ‘everyday’ and believable, and the numerous twists in the plot kept the show fresh and compelling without ever getting sidetracked. For me the only negative is that [spoiler removed!] as his interaction with Lund was top-class. Three cheers to the Danes for giving us this great gift of entertainment, and to the good people at BBC4 for bringing it into our homes!

  4. Having watched the whole of season one, I can’t wait for BB4’s showing of season 2. It is one of the few programmes that keeps my husband on the edge of his wondering what’s going to happen next. WELL DONE BBC4!

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