Nick Cohen on BBC4’s The Killing (Standpoint Magazine)

Now that we’re over half-way through the first season of The Killing, and now that everyone’s woken up to just how extraordinary this series is, some really good articles about it are beginning to appear.

Nick Cohen’s piece in Standpoint, ‘Murder most mundane’, provides a nice analysis of why viewers might be drawn to The Killing, and to Scandinavian crime per se. The article’s also very good on the figure of Lund, and the way in which the series’ makers have successfully found ‘a middle way between the art-house and the multiplex by making an exciting drama about consequences rather than body counts; about how a murder can touch everyone caught up in a police investigation’.

Thanks to @PeterSmith for drawing this article to my attention.

Wishing you all a Happy St. David’s Day!

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