Bron III Broen – The Bridge is back!

The Bridge 3

It’s back…! Bron III Broen (The Bridge series 3) returns to UK screens tonight after what seems like a very long wait. Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia) may no longer be around, but the wonderful Saga Noren (Sofia Helin) will be strutting her stuff as usual – in her highly individual way.

The first and second episodes will air today, Saturday 21 November, on BBC4 between 9.00 and 11.00pm. The series contains 10 episodes in total, which are in Swedish and Danish with English subtitles.

Here, for your delectation, is the BBC4 trailer ‘A new Saga begins’ (terrible pun)…

And here’s an overview of the series from the BBC:

>> The Bridge 3: When Helle Anker, the founder of the first gender-neutral kindergarten in Copenhagen and a high-profile debater on gender issues, is found murdered in Sweden, the Danish and Swedish police are compelled to join forces once more for a third series of The Bridge. The brutal killing turns out to be only the first in a series of gruesome crimes, strung together in a case which involves Saga Norén of the Malmo Police personally and which will change her forever. A powerful, intriguing and unpredictable tale of crime, played out by fascinating and complex characters, the new season will revolve around the concept and structures of family – new, old, deviant, classical, constructive and destructive. At its heart, The Bridge carries a central theme of personal responsibility and its consequences. <<

The Radio Times also features a piece on Sofia Helin winningly entitled ‘I’d rather be a feminist icon than a sex symbol’. There’s an extract here and the full interview is carried in the RT magazine.

And over at Nordic Noir, there’s an insightful interview with Sofia about the new series and dealing with Kim’s departure (may contain the odd spoiler).

Happy viewing!


13 thoughts on “Bron III Broen – The Bridge is back!

  1. Can’t wait for this! The only disappointment is that Martin isn’t around as the relationship between him and Saga was an especially fascinating aspect of the series…can’t imagine it without him!

    This is superior Nordic Noir for me. While Arne Dahl is improving as it goes along I found Beck disappointing. Maybe because I read the novels in paperback when they first came out in the UK and have had my own image of him fixed in my head ever since…the actor didn’t quite match up!

    • I’m also feeling a bit of trepidation at The Bridge sans Martin – but perhaps his story had run its course? Fingers crossed that his replacement is interesting and that there’s good chemistry with Saga.

      I didn’t really get along with the first series of Dahl and took a break when the second series was on. I did watch and like the Beck (aside from the very first episode), but agree that it’s hard for them to measure up to the books. It must be very difficult for actors to take on that sort of iconic role.

      • Yes, I found Arne Dahl hard work at first. But so glad I persevered as this last series was far more enjoyable.
        We do tend to conjure up a mental image of our detective heroes don’t we! That was my problem with Beck. Maybe he’ll grow on me if another series is forthcoming…something I could never do with the 2 Wallanders…
        Thanks so much for your reply, very much appreciated!

      • Not at all, Carole – thank you for commenting in the first place!

        What you’ve said about Arne Dahl has given me slight pause for thought – perhaps I should give the second series a go, at least for a couple of episodes. I tend to be quite ruthless now about not watching stuff – life’s too short – but perhaps this one needed a series to get properly into its stride?

        Maybe one of the problems with Beck in the TV series was that Larsson’s character rather overshadowed him at times (something I don’t remember happening in the novels). There was something about the actor playing L that was quite mesmeric!

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  3. Another great start to another (methinks) great series. Lots of twists and turns to keep us all guessing. It’s a shame Martin isn’t in it this time, but Saga will be her own inimitable self no matter who she’s partnered with. I must say I enjoyed both series of Arne Dahl. With Kerstin, (or as the Swedes sat Shershtin) in Hultin’s place, the plots in the 2nd series seemed more involved that in the 1st. I suppose it always takes a bit of time for a new series to ‘settle in’ to the viewers minds. Beck was great too, with Beck himself a thoughtful character and Larsson his steely eyed sidekick. Talking of Wallander, does anyone have an update on the final series of Ken Brannagh’s Wallander, which was I understand being filmed roughly around the same time of Krister Henriksson’s? The BBC seems to have gone quiet on that one….

    • I agree, Kathy – it was a cracking start. No messing around – they plunged us right into the action. So far I’m not missing Martin too much, and I think the new partner looks very interesting indeed! Really pleased to see Saga again – I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed her.

      Thanks for your views on Arne Dahl and Beck. Will catch up with AD series 2 if I can 🙂

      Nothing further on the Wallander as yet from me. Will keep my ears open.

      • Thanks Mrs P, and you’re welcome. I can’t remember the last time we saw Ken Brannagh’s Wallander. Must be a few years. No doubt the BBC will spring it on us at some point..

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