New MURDER anthology / Making an impact…with kittens

Exciting news! Margot Kinberg at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist has just announced the publication of a new crime anthology.

In a Word: Murder is a tribute to the late Maxine Clarke, crime blogger extraordinaire, and features stories set in the worlds of writing, editing, reviewing and blogging. Treats include the murder of a true-crime magazine editor, a life-or-death short story competition and a deadly literary festival. Deliciously wicked stuff!


Go on…you know you want to…!

Proceeds will go to the Princess Alice Hospice and can be purchased here. I’ve already got my copy and am keen to get reading.

There’s also been a bit of excitement here at Mrs. Peabody Investigates. As many of you know, I’m an academic by trade, and have used the blog to discuss my research on crime fiction, and to promote debate about this very rich literary genre. As a result of the blog’s success, it’s become a university ‘impact case study’, exploring the reach and significance of academic work in the public realm. Remember that survey that I asked you to fill out a little while back? The one with the kittens? That was me trying to find out how much the blog had benefited you as blog users, in terms of widening or changing your reading habits, or making you think more deeply about crime fiction. And the response, from 188 of you, was truly fantastic.

So the excitement today is that Mrs. Peabody Investigates features in The Guardian newspaper in an article about impact. It’s a discussion piece, but might be of interest in terms of seeing how Mrs P fits into my academic life. Please note the bit where I say that ‘making research more accessible to the public also helps to enrich it, by bringing in new voices’. Those voices are yours, and have most definitely had a beneficial impact on my own research. I learn a huge amount from you all the time, which creates a very virtuous circle indeed.

Time for a celebratory kitten!

23 thoughts on “New MURDER anthology / Making an impact…with kittens

  1. Mrs. P – Congratulations on the fantastic results from your research! How very exciting! Well-deserved, too. I’m very happy for you. And of course, that kitten is too delightful. And who says research isn’t worth it??
    Thank you, too, for the kind mention of In a Word: Murder. It means a lot that you’re passing the word along.

    • Thanks very much, Margot. It’s been a fun experience all round, and hopefully will continue to be so for a long time to come.

      I bet In a Word: Murder is flying off the virtual shelves 🙂

  2. In a Word : Murder sounds great. What a fantastic tribute. Once I have followed that link, I’m hotfooting it to the Guardian article. Your blog has definitely been super influential to reading here – Mr B has now read all of the Arjouni books and I am close behind, not to mention all the other recommendations from you I have read.

  3. Just checked out article, most interesting, you have created a brilliant brand in Mrs Peabody, all by yourself through your own expertise and hard work, and not by using any consultants, PR experts etc !!! a bit shocked to see you do not look like the Mrs P of blogphoto in real life…Bxx

    • Thanks for those very kind words, Blighty.

      I hope the shock of seeing the real me passes shortly. I do of course aspire to look like Mrs P one day – I reckon another decade should do it. Let me also add that I’m usually more smiley. It was a bit of a damp step 🙂

  4. Hey Mrs P! I read you on the Guardian this morning and was about to comment there, but then I realised I was running late for work. Ops!
    Congratulations on your research! Fantastic achievement!!
    And as always, thank you for the tips on old&new books, anthologies etc. 🙂

      • Oh… nope. I’m still waiting to be notified when it will be, hopefully before Christmas, but-huh… probably not :-/ oh well… at least the big part is done 😉

      • Hope it’s before Xmas so that you can relax properly in the break. But if not, as you say, the hardest bit is already done. I ended up quite enjoying mine, in a perverse sort of way…

      • Yes, a proper holiday would be much appreciated indeed 😉
        But ha! I can only imagine the sorta-perverse enjoyment of your viva *sardonic laugh*

    • Thanks very much. These things are always a little uncertain, as you can’t know exactly the angle the journalist intends to take, so I’m glad it worked out so well. And yes – I hadn’t thought of it quite in that way – but very good to fly the flag for blogging as well. A much underrated activity.

  5. Well done! This has certainly become a popular blog and an excellent source for global crime fiction books, TV shows and movies. It is a resource in and of itself.
    Congratulations on the Guardian article.
    And, oh, those kittens! I can’t take it. I’ll weaken. (I just told a friend going through a hard time to rescue some kittens. I can’t think of a better remedy.)

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