Your blogger needs you! Can you spare 5 minutes for Mrs. P?

This week, in place of my usual post, I’m going to ask you for some help.

If you’re a regular visitor to ‘Mrs. Peabody Investigates’, or even if you just drop by every now and then, would you mind filling out a short, anonymous survey on the blog? Pretty please? It has justΒ nine questions, and mainly involves ticking boxes.


The survey is linked to my day job as a UK academic: we’re exploring the impact of our research beyond a university audience, for example in blogs or in the media. And your opinion really counts – whether you’re a reader, blogger, publisher, translator, author, bookseller or anything else to do with the wonderful world of crime!

In return, I offer you oodles of gratitude and this picture of an adorable kitten. I’ll be adding an extra kitten for every 10 people who take the survey…

No, not a kitten. Walnut whip reward by special request πŸ™‚

Cute bunny by special request

Puppy from *melts*

By special request: otters holding hands πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Your blogger needs you! Can you spare 5 minutes for Mrs. P?

  1. Adorable! Have done survey, please send kitten asap. Don’t worry about the walnut whip, have my own stash…seriously though, brilliant psychology to use kitten pics, you would be a very dangerous woman if you ever decided to start a cult or indulged in other forms of mind control like getting people to get their tax returns in….

    • Thank you so much, blighty. Can’t thank you enough. Fabulous response so far – over 50 in little over an hour! New kitten has been added πŸ™‚ (And I faithfully promise to use kitten pictures for benign purposes always.)

    • Thanks so much, Sara – I’m really grateful that you and so many others have taken the time to help out. Puppies coming up shortly…

  2. I’ll have the black and white puddy tat with the big eyes, please. Always happy to do a survey. Busy working on formulating my own for my academic second life…

  3. Omigod, these kittens! And what was that survey about anyway? I’ve lost it all, now entranced by fantastic felines. And kittens are even cuter, all of those baby tabbies with big eyes. I’m sunk.
    I want to rush right out and adopt kittens; then reality of allergies dawns on me, so I have to enjoy from afar.
    And, by the way, hope the survey results are somehow transmitted here, or at least the overview.
    And now for puppies! What about baby otters? One of the cutest photos ever online was of two baby otters floating on their backs in a pool holding each other’s paws.

    • Thanks for taking part, Kathy – really appreciated. And I know – those kittens are enough to make us lose all of our critical faculties! By the way, I think I’ve seen that picture of the otters (I’ll have a look now…)

      I’m leaving the survey open for a bit (over 150 responses so far which is just amazing), and will then take a look at the results. I’ll feed back at some point once I’ve digested them all, and got back from a trip I’m taking shortly.

  4. Awwww! Such cute otters. Baby animals are just the cutest.
    So glad to hear you got 150 responses so far. I’m not surprised given the quality of the blog posts here and the always-interesting discussions.

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