Arne Dahl’s The Blinded Man airs this Saturday (6 April) on BBC4

As I reported in a recent post on forthcoming international crime drama, the TV adaptation of Arne Dahl’s ‘Intercrime’ series is about to hit our screens, airing this Saturday on BBC4 between 9.00 and 10.30pm. We begin with a two-parter of The Blinded Man (first published in the U.S. as Misterioso), with the same pattern being repeated for another four Intercrime novels (ten episodes in total).

I’ll be very interested to see how the adaptation is handled. The storyline seems to be fundamentally the same as in the novel, but the Head of the A-Unit, Jan-Olov Hultin, has morphed into Jenny Hultin (pictured in the burgundy jacket below).

Image for Arne Dahl

Image courtesy of BBC4

The BBC4 synopsis of Episode 1 reads as follows (light spoilers): High-flying financiers are being murdered and it’s beginning to appear like the work of a serial killer. CID inspector Jenny Hultin puts together a team of top detectives to crack the case before there are more deaths and a national panic. One of the team, Paul Hjelm, is saved from a disciplinary hearing for shooting a hostage taker when he said he was unarmed. Together with his new colleagues he finds himself working 24 hours a day to find the killer quickly. They are the ‘A Unit’ and their pursuit of the Fat Cat Killer will expose tensions within the newly-formed group and put some of them in fear of their lives.

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13 thoughts on “Arne Dahl’s The Blinded Man airs this Saturday (6 April) on BBC4

  1. Shall certainly watch. Also this Saturday on BBC2 is Ralph Fiennes Coriolanus, which has received great reviews, so will record it. then @ 1.25 on Film4 Jane Campions In the cut, which I
    saw when it first came out, interesting film, will record that as well. So Saturday night is turning out
    rather interesting, not forgetting the good Doctor early in the evening!

  2. Just finished watching the conclusion of ‘The Blinded Man’. I think I’m going to enjoy this series. I’d no prior knowledge of Arne Dahl so I reserved judgment when I got a bit muddled in the 1st episode. Now I feel I’m getting to know the ‘A’ team and there looks to be some interesting character interaction.
    Thank God……. Saturday evenings are interesting again.

    • I agree with you fadedglories. It was a bit difficult to judge after the first of a two-parter, but the conclusion tonight was really strong. Like you, I feel like I’m getting to know the team better, and that my viewing experience is all the better for it (must be quite tricky in TV terms to establish so many characters so quickly). The developing team dynamic is good too. Looking forward to next week already 🙂

  3. I settled down to watch episode 5 last night in a comfy doze…….but I soon woke up and what a cliff-hanger ending!!! I don’t know if I can bear the wait until next Saturday

  4. So, I’m watching ‘Europa Blues’ right now, and you know what I love about Scandinavian crime shows? (Well, besides the wonderful bleakness of it all.) It’s that these people just shift into English whenever they have to deal with anyone who doesn’t speak, say, Swedish, and they do it effortlessly and fluently. I wish I had paid more attention to languages when I was in school; it must be so pleasurable to be able to do that. My German is pretty sad, and I haven’t anything else, really.

    One would like to think that they can set an example for English-speakers to follow, but somehow I doubt it.

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