This, that and the other…

This … is an interview with Jo Nesbo by James Kidd, which appeared in The Independent over the weekend. Topics covered include Anders Breivik, Nesbo’s father and the publication of the old/new Harry Hole novel The Bat. The interview was carried out following Nesbo’s sell-out appearance at the Theakstons / Harrogate Crime Writing Festival in July.

That is another interview by Kidd (and now I’m really jealous) of Henning Mankell, on the publication of his novel The Shadow Girls (originally published in Sweden in 2001). While not crime fiction, the social critique that’s found in Swedish crime writing in general and Mankell’s works in particular is very much evident in this work.

The other … is a provocative piece by American mystery editor Otto Penzler in Publishers Weekly, entitled ‘Why the Best Mysteries are Written in English’. A number of arguments are put forward by Penzler (albeit not always with total clarity) to justify this grand assertion, and a lively set of responses have now accrued in the comments section, which make for an entertaining read.

6 thoughts on “This, that and the other…

  1. With all the discussion on Euro Crime novels etc one writer seems to be ignored, I’m referring to Michael Dibdin & his Aurelio Zen series. I’ve always enjoyed these books. Is the disastrous TV adaption responsible for this? It seemed to me to be all style & no substance. Changing the era from when these stories took place was a big mistake, it was a much darker period of Italian History. As for the glamorisation of his mother, well! At least it made me reread the books.

    Also any one been following Romanza Criminale? The second series has just finished on Sky Arts, & I doubt if there will be another. I’ve enjoyed both series, I also caught the Film when it came out in I think 2005. Interestingly bought the DVD a couple of weeks before the 1st series, still haven’t got round to watching it! But will now make an effort.

    • It would be interesting to ask Mark Lawson and his producer Robyn Read about the criteria that they used to select the authors. I’m imagining that there were some pretty heated debates about the merits of one author over another. Perhaps Dibden was pushed out due to the strength of the Italian authors available? I confess having quite liked the TV series (possibly something to do with Rufus Sewell in the title role; and I liked the stylish 60s vibe). It got me into the books as well, which I’ve enjoyed very much (very different, I agree).

      Funnily enough, although I haven’t seen the TV series of Romanzo Criminale, I did see the film at the weekend, and thought it was excellent. I’ll be writing up a review on that one; lots to say!

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