Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival 2012

I’ll be setting off early tomorrow morning to the lovely spa-town of Harrogate for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival (19 – 22 July).

The programme is packed with all sorts of wonders, but I’ll be focusing in particular on the wealth of international crime writing talent taking part, including British writers who set their works beyond the UK.

These include the following (and many, many more…)

Harlan Coben (America)

Arne Dahl (Sweden)

Antonio Hill (Spain)

Ryan David Jahn (America)

Camilla Läckberg (Sweden)

Laura Lippman (America)

Liza Marklund (Sweden)

Deon Meyer (South Africa)

Stuart Neville (Northern Ireland)

Margie Orford (South Africa)

Jo Nesbø (Norway)

Jason Webster (England / Spain)

For those of you keen to hear news from the festival as it unfolds, I’ll be tweeting as @Mrs_Pea68, using the hashtag #TOPcrime2012

If you’re at the festival, perhaps see you in Betty’s or at the bar!

14 thoughts on “Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival 2012

    • I’ll try not to overdo the tweets – or to tweet after three pints of Old Peculier.

      My true identity, following the genius of Poe, is already ‘hidden in plain sight’ somewhere on these pages 😉

  1. Have a terrific time. Wish I were there, however, I await your blog commentary about the authors and what is revealed during discussions and wherever.

    • Thanks, Kathy – we’ll be sure to toast absent friends tonight! Looking forward to meeting lots of bloggers, authors, publishers and crime fans, and coming back with armfuls of interesting materials.

  2. I think I did just stumble upon your identity by just following the clues and I am bowled over by your accomplishments and achievements and even more delighted to read your blog.

  3. You gave away the clue when you referred to Poe. I thought of The Pickwick Papers and went from there. I am in awe now.

    • Very good 🙂 But please don’t be in awe. I learn a HUGE amount from everyone who takes the time to read and join in the discussions on this blog.

      Must also check with you sometime to make sure you found the right person !!! 😉

  4. Bon weekend, Mrs P!
    Hope you have a wonderful time and blog about it upon your return (not a fan of the other social media).
    Laura Lippman is a terrific writer, packing loads of insight into her well-drawn characters + plotlines with her spare, sinewy style; would be very interested to hear more from her. Have seen/read interviews with Jo Nesbø which, for me, gave the lie to the traditional marketing view about there being ‘no such thing as bad publicity’ … Yes, the wrong kind of exposure can (& does) repel readers.

    • Thanks, Min – we’re all having a lovely time. I’ve not read any Laura Lippmann, but have heard very good things about her. Very intrigued to see Jo Nesbo now following your comment… ! Interviewed Arne Dahl this morning who was a delight.

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