SoundCloud link to the music from Forbrydelsen / The Killing

For the many of us who have wondered where to find the wonderfully atmospheric music from the Danish crime drama Forbrydelsen / The Killing, information is finally at hand – thanks to blog readers Viv and Andrew.

From Viv I’ve learned that the soundtrack is by the Danish film composer Franz Bak. In addition to Forbrydelsen I, he’s also scored the music for Forbrydelsen II, an episode of Branagh’s Wallander series (‘The Fifth Woman’), and the American version of The Killing.

A large number of his tracks are available on the Franz Bak website (see right-hand column) and on SoundCloud (Playlist 3). If you’re in search of that haunting title music, it’s the Forbrydelsen Montage…

It doesn’t look like tracks can be downloaded or purchased (if you know otherwise please let us know), but at least they can now be enjoyed in one place via computer. Andrew adds that lots of Franz Bak’s music is also available on Spotify.

Thanks again to Viv and Andrew for passing this information on – it’s eased the pain of returning to work tomorrow considerably!

7 thoughts on “SoundCloud link to the music from Forbrydelsen / The Killing

  1. Thank you so much for finding this! I’m a bit of a latecomer to the ‘The Killing Fan Club’, in that I just watched the first episode of the first season, and the music haunted the hell out of me. So melancholic yet up-tempo.


    • Thanks – glad to be of help. I really love the music too. (Thanks also for your little pressie, very kind…)

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