AT LAST! Start date of The Killing 2 confirmed by BBC

Mrs Peabody’s review of the opening episodes of The Killing 2 is now available here


After months of (mostly) patient waiting on our part, and a little bit of uncertainty, the start date of the second series of Forbrydelsen / The Killing has been confirmed.

Yes finally! Sarah and her jumpers are back on…

BBC4, SATURDAY 19. NOVEMBER 2011, 9.00-11.00pm

(not 12. Nov as previously reported)

This information comes via the BBC Media Centre.

It’s a 10 episode series and the first two episodes will be shown back to back (thanks to Peter for this info!), which probably means the whole series will be aired over 5 weeks. 

And here’s an excerpt from the BBC’s description of the series to set the scene: “It’s been two years since former detective Sarah Lund was divested of her investigative role and transferred to a low-key job in the country, but when the body of a female lawyer is found murdered in macabre and puzzling circumstances, Lund’s former boss at Copenhagen police HQ finds that he has no choice but to call her back in to assist with the investigation.” More here…

By the way, there’s a lovely interview with Sophie Grabol on Newsnight (31. October 2011), in which she discusses how Sarah Lund’s character challenges gender stereotypes.

17 thoughts on “AT LAST! Start date of The Killing 2 confirmed by BBC

  1. oooh, thanks! Looking forward to this.Our TV guide said it would be “in October” and as I’ve been away for a few days I thought I must have missed it ;-(. So glad I haven’t!

    • Me too. I’d seen rumours of mid-November circulating, but this is the first concrete date that’s appeared as far as I know. I’m keeping a hawk’s eye on the BBC4 press releases. Now would be the time to confirm via an official statement (hint hint).

  2. Great news Mrs P! I was just discussing this with a colleague at the office and we were worried that they might make us wait until next year to avoid having Christmas potentially disrupt the schedule – but if they can do it for Doctor Who they I guess nothing is sacred – I’m a slightly late convert having only caught up with it this Summer but I am really curious to know where it will go.

  3. Thank goodness at last. I too have been looking out for it throughout October. Can’t wait for the new series, jumper and all. Was totally hooked last time and this sounds equally complex and promising.

  4. You say that it will be shown one episode a week for ten weeks, however the DVD release is due on 12th December… So surely there must be one or two double bills along the way?!?!


    • Yes, you could well be right. I was making that assumption based on the first episode being just the one hour, but it does seem odd for there to be overlap with the DVD. I’ll update once there’s more information from the BBC. Thanks!

    • Yes, the 12th had been reported in a couple of places, including The Telegraph, so not sure what was going on there… Good to have the date confirmed finally.

  5. Just saw one of their equipment trucks the other morning on my way to work – seems that the North Harbour area of Copenhagen will be one of the setting for the third season of The Killing…can’t wait!

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