The Killing – BBC4 Series 2 Trailer

For some reason, I’m particularly missing the wondrousness that is The Killing at the moment.

BBC4 has thoughtfully supplied a glimpse of autumn’s Series 2 to allieviate my withdrawal symptoms. I never thought I’d be so happy to hear Danish! 

‘It’s good to see you again…’

Note: BBC4 rates the clip as suitable for 16+ only.

Pssst! No word from BBC4 as yet, but there was an article in The Guardian the other day (about jumpers!), which referenced Sarah Lund as a style icon and let slip a start date of mid-November for The Killing 2.



19 thoughts on “The Killing – BBC4 Series 2 Trailer

  1. Can’t wait for the 2nd series to start, the only thing making the wait bearable is the repeat showing of the Swedish production of ‘Wallander’. Here’s to the programmes with subtitles, they seem to have cracked the suspense genre.

    • Heartily agree, Jean. Am very much enjoying Wallander and all of the international crime BBC4 has brought us over the last few months.

  2. please can anybody tell me when the killing series two is on please dont tell me i have missed it

  3. Hurray,can’t wait. Does it say something about our homegrown crime series when the event of the year is a Danish drama where content matters more than expensive backdrops, beautifully made up characters and expensive outfits. I do love Jane Marple and Poirot but they were of their time and modern stories rely too much on being well-lit with famous names in the lead. Bring back The Sweater and more new Wallanders, Swedish version please.

    • I heartily agree with you Jean. I think these Scandinavian series are real eye-openers in terms of their quality and can’t wait for more – and perhaps there are others still waiting to be discovered?

  4. Saw a bit of the culture show tonight and had to call the OH from the kitchen to watch it – for a bear of little brain he sat through 20 episodes of subtitles and loved evry minute of it. Sophie aka sarah lund was stunning and came across as being a game girl. I say roll on November.

    • I’m going to have to catch up on that at some point – sounds excellent. Things are definitely heating up now, aren’t they? Announcement soon, I reckon.

  5. I saw the interview which confirmed November as the start of much awaited second series. Sophie said that it would be set in Denmark and Afghanistan, although filmed in Spain, and she would be wearing THE sweater. Yippee.

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