An odd case of Zen-o-phobia as BBC decides not to recommission TV series

I’ve just seen a post on the It’s a Crime (or a Mystery) blog reporting that the BBC has decided not to recommission the Aurelio Zen TV series. This really does seem to be a short-sighted move given its evident popularity. It seemed to grow on people over time as well – a slow burner that had the potential to turn into something significantly bigger. There’s still a chance that another channel will want to pick it up, but what a missed opportunity for the BBC, which has been showing such excellent taste lately with The Killing.  

How could anyone not want to recommission this stylish police investigator?!

For further details and links, see the post on It’s a Crime (or a Mystery). Lots of comments are being left there to encourage the BBC to reconsider. Do add your own if you feel moved to do so.

One thought on “An odd case of Zen-o-phobia as BBC decides not to recommission TV series

  1. I agree indeed Zen reached the Zenith for me. And the Killing did the same. But there again what happened to Inspector Montelban??

    The BBC get it right – doubt themselves and then get it wrong by not keeping the stuff we like on our screens!!

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